As alert levels are being lowered to allow more businesses to return to work, employers’ focus is shifting on COVID-19 prevention, detection and response measures.

The COVID-19 Health Tracker offers recruitment agencies an exceptionally easy to use mechanism for protecting all of us against COVID-19 transmission and meeting their clients’ Health and Safety requirements.

COVID-19 Health Tracker Screen ShotThe Health Tracker helps in two key ways to achieve these incredibly important goals:

The first way is through sending employees a text message or an email with a link to a very quick personalised conversation with a chatbot. This conversation is based on a COVID-19 health questionnaire and in most cases enables an employee to confirm their good health with just one click. If an employee reports an issue, they are provided with specific instructions and advised not to go to work until they have been cleared to work by health authorities and the recruitment agency.

Such text messages or emails are sent automatically by Health Tracker at regular intervals, either one hour before each shift starts or less frequently as requested by the client. All data retrieval from RDB, sending personalised text messages and storing employees’ responses into RDB is done by the software. A human being only gets involved if an employee reports an issue, in which case an escalation process based on the agency’s and client’s business rules gets triggered.

The second way the Health Tracker can assist you with the required protocols is through its contact tracing capabilities. And it does it again by leveraging the information already available in RDB!

Using placement data, Health Tracker enables you to find all locations an employee has worked at during a specific period of time and identify all staff who may have had contact with this employee during that time.

This seemingly simple task can get quite complicated if an employee of interest has worked at several different clients’ locations while they may have been infected. With Health Tracker you can do it in a matter of minutes.

The Health Tracker can be set up and customised quickly and easily to meet specific requirements of any organisation. Once set up, Health Tracker only uses data already available in RDB and works as a fully automated solution that just does its job 24×7. You team will only need to get involved if an “I am unwell” report arrives from an employee.

You can deploy the Health Tracker as a standalone software application or in combination with other modules of the Outperform for RDB solution.