RDBActassa Outperform™ for RDB is an AI-enabled productivity solution extending the functionality of the RDB ProNet recruitment software.

Outperform can be tailored to precisely meet your needs at the right price thanks to its flexible and scalable modular structure that offers you a range of capabilities in the areas of Recruitment Automation, Candidate Care, Employee Administration and Bespoke Solutions.

Recruitment Automation

Key features at a glance:

  • Virtual Interviews: Reduce the time required to get information from large numbers of applicants using an AI chatbot and job-specific interview templates
  • Online References: Reduce the time required to get references for large numbers of applicants using an AI chatbot
  • Database Activator: Refresh your whole candidate database very efficiently and then keep it fresh so that more candidates can be correctly and easily matched with the right jobs
  • Website Assistant: Capture more enquiries from job seekers and new clients with an AI chatbot on your website
  • Facebook Assistant: Make your Facebook page and your Facebook Messenger account more effective and easier to maintain with an AI chatbot

Candidate Care and Employee Administration

COVID-19 Health Tracker Screen ShotKey features at a glance:

  • COVID-19 Health Tracker: Reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by automating the process of checking employees’ health status at scale and by using RDB historical data for contact tracing in case of contingency
  • Placement Tracker: Automate the process of checking how placements are going, identifying problems before they get serious, and updating workers’ information in the database
  • Client Tracker: Automate key elements of client engagement to enhance service quality and realise new business development and sales opportunities
  • Candidate App for Android/iOS with Mobile Timesheets: Send time-sensitive job opportunities to matching candidates’ phones, receive applications, send placements to applicants’ phones, receive timely and accurate timesheet data straight into RDB, send other reminders and communications to candidates

Bespoke Solutions

If you need to add some other special features and capabilities to your RDB ProNet solution or to optimise some parts of RDB workflows that are specific to your business needs, we can help you too! We have in-depth knowledge of RDB and extensive experience of developing RDB plugins as well as standalone software solutions integrated with RDB. We can work with you to create a truly bespoke yet cost-effective solution built with the RDB software development kit and a range of components including:

  • Natural language understanding
  • Conversational user interfaces
  • AI-enabled knowledgebases
  • Workflow automation
  • Document automation
  • Email automation
  • Event scheduling
  • Website integration
  • Facebook Platform integration
  • SMS integration
  • On-demand web search
  • Analytics
We have had a great experience dealing with Actassa developing some very effective chatbot workflows into our business that relies heavily on RDB. Utilising chatbots has allowed us to improve candidate and client experiences and reduce internal workload seamlessly. We have been most impressed with the team's ability to quickly grasp RDB and importantly our recruiting workflows and then aligning that with working solutions for our teams. We are happy to recommend Actassa as a professional, results driven business that deliver effective solutions to declutter business processes and help us reduce costs and increase sales.
Ian McPherson
Ian McPherson
Chief Operating Officer
Enterprise Recruitment & People
Actassa have provided us with cost-effective software solutions which are fully integrated with RDB. Having a reliable and responsive service provider such as Actassa has become ever more important in the current business environment, and we are very pleased with our relationship with Actassa. We are confident that as our needs change over time, the Actassa team will continue to give us great products and excellent customer service.
Rob Alexander
Rob Alexander
National Operations Manager
The Recruitment Network
Our setup with Florence (our chatbot) was efficient and easy. Florence herself has been incredibly effective, providing an easy way for potential candidates to express their interest as well as get answers for some basic FAQs. We have found Florence to be very good value for money, as she provides another method of accessibility for our clients and customers alike. We have been so impressed we have already recommended Actassa services to a few other business owners, and will continue to do so as their service and product are both of an incredibly high standard.
Elise Dalrymple-Keast
Elise Dalrymple-Keast
Marketing Manager
Accent Health Recruitment